“The team we have are very reliable.”

“They [staff] have never missed a call and they are always pretty much on time. If the staff were running a little bit behind I have no doubts the office would let me know.”

“I am happy with the service. Someone (from the office) phones me to check I was happy with everything. They’ve got it pretty well organised. The girls [staff] are all nice and they’re friends to me who I look forward to seeing.”

“The office staff are very approachable and you can go to them with any problems”

“We are blessed. They are really good. I couldn’t ask for more.”

“Will do extra things if she (staff member) has time like clean the kitchen floor or unload the dishwasher for her. “This is the third agency [relative] has used. “I’m pleased with them, it is the best agency so far and I’m very happy with them.”

They (care staff) do a good job. They do it efficiently, they suit us very well and we are very pleased with everyone.”

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